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Is it our friend or our enemy? Is it realistic to strive to be 100 percent free of anger?  These are questions we humans struggle with at times.  Certainly with the prevalence of court ordered anger management services it appears that society is telling us anger is not okay.  Also all around us in the world we see people doing very destructive things and when they do these things they are usually angry.  So do we want to become anger free robots, only responding positively to events?  The answer is no.  Anger is a normal emotion and can be a very important emotion for us.  It can protect us by motivating us into action when we are threatened.  It can save our life.  It can be a warning sign, telling us something is wrong.  We should for the most part trust and honor our anger.  Anger, however, is not our friend when it moves us into destructive behaviors or when it becomes a chronic state of mind.  In this case it hurts us deeply, emotionally and physically and destroys not only us but our relationships as well.  Also, anger is a cover up for more primary emotions such as fear, hurt or sadness.  If we focus only on the anger we never gain insights into ourselves nor do we learn to deal with our feelings in a mature way. 

So how do we improve?  First we must understand that anger is an emotion and what we do when we are angry is a behavior, a learned behavior.  Since the behaviors are learned, they can be unlearned and replaced with more effective responses.  We may still be angry but we can do more positive things when feeling angry.  Second, there are many things we can do to become angry less often such as changing our faulty thinking patterns, making us happier people in general.  Much of anger management comes down to a simple choice. 




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