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Nonviolence Education.com is a fully comprehensive website covering all areas of interpersonal violence.  We are dedicated to our purpose of promoting non-violence in our society through education.  Our educational materials, e workbooks, free non-violence newsletter, and facebook and blog services all provide non-violent life skills so badly needed in today's turbulent world.    

Lorraine Watson MFT is the founder of Nonviolence Education.com. She has a masters degree in counseling psychology and has been in private practice in California for over 20 years.  She has specialized in the field of trauma counseling since 1984.  She has worked with over 1000 trauma victims over the years.  In addition Lorraine co-founded The Center for Men's Growth & Development in San Diego, California, which has provided anger management and family violence counseling to court ordered and volunteer clients since 1995.  She is responsible for the development of both programs.  Lorraine has taught anger management and non-violent relationship building skills to over 2500 people.  She is an expert in her field and is the author of our workbooks and newsletter.     

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