Parenting Programs



  • The first three years
  • Other developmental stages
  • Normal sexual development & behavior
  • Normal speech & language development
  • Temperament - the nature part of behavior
  • Reinforcement - the nurture part of behavior
  • The importance of birth order
  • Beliefs every parent can do without
  • Understanding your child's behavior at a deeper level
  • Abusive parenting techniques & styles
  • How we create abandonment issues in our children
  • The effects of violence on children
  • The case against spanking
  • Sexual abuse
  • Recognizing problems
  • The power of positive reinforcement
  • Modeling - the best teacher
  • Teaching self-discipline
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Building self esteem
  • Handling divorce
  • Dealing with an angry child
  • Avoiding power struggles
  • Listening
  • The family meeting
  • Helpful hints for stepparents
  • Teaching accountability through consequences, not punishment
  • Withdrawal of privileges works (a structured, comprehensive plan)
  • Time outs - a coping skill for life
  • Non-violent solutions to some common behavioral problems
  • Analyzing ourselves - how are we the problem?

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PARENTING PROGRAMS (Varied hours (sessions) and pricing - see below) For court ordered or volunteer participants

Please note: Program requirements and pricing can be altered based on court requirement. (Please note that hours equal sessions - eg. an 8 hour court requirement will be equal to 8 sessions)

  • 1-8 hrs (sessions)    $100  You will receive a completion certificate for 8 hrs/sessions
  • 9-12 hrs(sessions)   $125  You will receive a completion certificate for 12 hrs/sessions
  • 13-16 hrs(sessions) $150  You will receive a completion certificate for 16 hrs/sessions
  • 17-20 hrs(sessions) $175  You will receive a completion certificate for 20 hrs/sessions
  • 21-24 hrs(sessions) $200  You will receive a completion certificate for 24 hrs/sessions
  • 25-28 hrs(sessions) $225  You will receive a completion certificate for 28 hrs/sessions
  • 29-32 hrs(sessions) $250  You will receive a completion certificate for 32 hrs/sessions

We are certain that you will find our pricing to be highly competitive with other similar online services. As an online service our overhead expenses are obviously lower than a land based business doing the same thing. We feel this savings should be passed on to our clients. Many online services don't do this and therefore our pricing is lower than many. At the same time our level of professionalism will be very high. We are sure you will be happy with our service.

We also offer a fee package for professionals wishing to purchase the program or part of the program for use with numerous clients. This could be offline. The professional would have all the materials to administer the program themselves. Please contact us for that pricing. The above pricing is meant for an individual using our online service.


Program fee includes:

  • Workbook shown above
  • Access to secure website page for testing
  • Free progress reports and completion reports as needed
  • Completion interview (1/2 hour)
  • Questions answered by email as needed (unlimited)

There is no time limit to complete this program.  It is up to you how quickly you progress.  You just want to be certain you are meeting the court's requirement for completion. When you register you will be provided a password. This will allow you to access the website to complete the testing when you are ready.  We will tell you which topics and tests to complete and the workbook will tell you when you need to take the tests.  You will be advised if you have passed and if not we will tell you how to retake the test.  Once you have successfully completed all the tests we will contact you for your 1/2 hour completion interview.

For court ordered people please note that our program contains measures to detect the identity of the person taking our tests.  No completion will be granted if it is determined or suspected that the individual registered is not doing the work.

Also, if you are court ordered you must check in advance to be sure this program will be accepted by your court.  Click here to print a page which you may show your court.  It explains the program to them and addresses questions and concerns they may have.

Please read our "policy - program" (see vertical menu)  which addresses refund policies or click on "refund policy" page.

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